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HIFU SQUEEN is the most modern achievement of modern aesthetic medicine. It is currently the most effective and efficient method of non-invasive and painless face and body lifting as well as non-surgical lipolysis of fat tissue. The treatment gives immediate effects of rejuvenation and firming of the skin and a significant reduction in the visibility of fat tissue. And all this can be achieved effortlessly in our office located at 8A Kłobucka Street. 
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) consists in stimulation of the skin by means of high frequency ultrasounds generated by a specially designed device. By appropriate setting, it is possible to obtain penetration of sound waves into the skin at different depths - from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm for the face and up to 13 mm for the body. Regeneration takes place here by means of ultrasound-induced micro-damage of the tissues - the skin cells are damaged in the process of thermoablation caused by locally elevated temperature. Due to the precisely set penetration depth, the outer layers of the skin remain untouched. 


The first step in the treatment with the HIFU method is to conduct a survey and examine the condition of the skin and recognize the problem. Then we choose the right method for the treatment.
The treatment is performed before the pain threshold so it should not be very painful. In the case of people with extremely sensitive skin, a local anaesthetic in ointment may also be administered.
Applying the gel on the skin, which increases the effectiveness of penetration of sound waves into the skin is the initial stage of the treatment, then the cosmetologist performs “shots” with the head emitting ultrasound to the appropriate depth. The duration of the treatment is usually 60-90 minutes.


The first effects of the procedure using the HIFU method can be seen after the first visit to the beauty parlour. If the skin is heavily wrinkled and flabby, further treatments will be required. Due to the time of tissue regeneration, the full effects of the treatment will be visible after 2-3 months and they usually last about 1.5 years. The main effects of HIFU treatment include wrinkle reduction, skin firming and reduction of skin flaccidity.

Elevation of the facial oval
Lifting the treatment area like an oval face, cheeks, forehead, abdomen, thighs, area above the knees
Mandibular line sharpening
Reduction of chin flaccidity
Eyebrow lift
Skin lifting after weight loss and pregnancy
Wrinkle reduction
HIFU treatments, thanks to their highly advanced technology and the possibility of matching parameters to the individual needs of patients, are recommended to people who have observed changes in the appearance of their skin such as progressive aging processes, deteriorated condition - skin flaccidity. Treatments are also ideal for people who would like to be ahead of time and take care of the appearance and condition of the skin earlier, and HIFU gives such possibilities.

It is a treatment also directed to people who cannot afford a few days’ or even several weeks’ periods of convalescence after surgery. After the HIFU procedure you can immediately return to your daily activities and expect results.